Art & Craft

Magnetic Blackboard

Ok so I have recruited Chrissy to be my assistant in this one. Projects are much more fun when they’re shared, and she gets one too!

The idea:

Create a planner, with:

  1. Shopping lists
  2. Things to do
  3. Appointments
  4. Running debt balance
  5. Area for bills.
  6. Running savings balance
  7. Cool photos of family

All for managing break in a more colourful visual way. Sound like Mind Mapping anyone?

Off to do some sketches!!

I want to create temporary dividers that don’t get rubbed off when cleaning. Options:

  1. Hairspray over chalk lines
  2. PVA under paint lines
  3. White magnetic strips


  • Paint brushes
  • Tape measure
  • Masking tape


  • Magnetic undercoat
  • Acrylic paint
  • Non sanded grout
  • Ply board
  • Magnets
  • Photos
Art & Craft

Snail Mail

Ok, so this is something I’ve been planning on doing for awhile now, got the pens, got the wax seals, just need the quality paper.

Where to find quality letter paper in Perth?

There is one shop in the CBD, but last time I went there, I think it was like $30 for 5 sheets of handmade paper.

eBay to the rescue.